CNV Vakmensen stands up for the interests of professionals in the field of work and income. Professional; working, looking for a job and retired. For H1 of 2020, the challenge is to recruit 1,000 new members per quarter. Read more about our approach soon!

Objective CNV Vakmensen H1 2020

  • Primary: Member Recruitment – H1: 2,000 new members
  • Secondary: increase brand awareness of CNV among primary and secondary target groups

Traffic Builders Strategy

The message of the member recruitment campaigns: “Invest smartly in your (secure) future with a CNV membership. Do that right now. ”
To reach the target group, we develop a strategy based on the REAN model . The model is based on four phases in the customer journey.

  • The aim is to generate sessions for the relevant target group
  • KPIs in these phases include:
  • Sessions / New Users
  • Scroll depth and time on site
  • Pages viewed per user

In the Activate phase, we focus on conversions

  • KPI: # registrations new members

In the Nurture phase, we focus on the target group that sees the message, but does not convert.

  • KPI: registrations from retargeting campaigns

Target group CNV Professionals

Primary age 30-55, secondary age 20+
In order to better reach the target group, a communication concept has been drawn up around three personas .

Communication concept: 3 pillars & 3 personas

The added value of CNV membership depends on relevance and urgency. You shouldWhat’s In It For Me? clarify on a personal level: this ultimately has more impact than on a group level. CNV has an extensive service portfolio. The union offers many USPs for various types of members, professions and branches. In order to be able to communicate in a compact and stimulating way, we focused on professional group-transcending benefits. The communication concept has been created around three new pillars: Security, Flexibility and Self-development , for which an actionable buyer persona has been drawn up for each pillar.

Personas CNV Professionals:

  • Robbert: more certainty.
  • Keywords: economic security, independence, stability, family, taking chances in life. CNV offers Robbert the right help and expertise on time
  • Debby: more flexibility.
  • Keywords: work-life balance, social commitment, loyal, does not want to be exploited as a flex worker. CNV Professionals proactively assists Debby with advice and action
  • Sanne: more self-development.
  • Keywords: energetic, taking on challenges, passion that she likes to share and nurtures, make dreams come true, ambitious with a sincere eye for others. CNV Professionals understands and has what Sanne needs or wants to roll out with others

Approach: Multiple campaigns with different propositions to reach the target group

Always-On: Deployment Display & Socia

On social we managed several soft conversions, namely the steps that were before the definitive registration. These consist of calculating contribution and generating a lead. With the defined soft conversion “lead”, the basic data had been entered, to which they were included in the CNV mailings. In social we use Facebook Page Ads and Instagrams Ads. Initially, the focus is on promoting a specific member recruitment campaign. In Activate, the campaign is all about remarketing.

By means of Responsive Display advertisements we have responded to the 3 different Personas. With Responsive communications it is possible to upload 5 titles, 5 descriptions and multiple images. In this way, the Google Ads algorithm can put together many different expressions during the campaign. And based on the CTR on various combinations, the algorithm can create the best expression.

Customer Journey Tax Return Campaign

Tax returns via CNV are free: that is the primary message for the campaign. During the period that people have to submit their tax return, a video was used in REACH, the target group reached was re-marketed in Engage with an Image Ad with the aim of website traffic. We then pick up this traffic again in the always-on campaign (SEA) to take the reached target group further into the funnel.

We also used a Responsive Display ad for the Tax Return campaign , so that the algorithm could help us develop the best combination of title, description and image. In addition, we have deployed a Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP).
Each persona has been achieved in the following ways:

  • Look-a-like / Similar audience of the landing page
  • Custom Intent: based on a relevant set of Search keywords regarding Tax Return
  • Contextual: with this the expressions are shown with online content that concerns tax returns.
  • Custom Affinity: based on characteristics of tax return
  • Remarketing of website visitors

Results of the CNV Vakmensen campaign

CNV campaign objective:

  • Q1 2020: 970 members (target 1,000)
  • Q2 2020: 1,276 members (target 1,000)
  • Total H1 2020: 2,246 new members (+ 12% target)

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