How does your organization maximize the chances of achieving or even exceeding branding and sales goals? How do you first sufficiently understand your target group? With really reliable, useful data! Only with digital analytics based on the highest quality data and relevant KPIs can you use and manage your channels more efficiently. Our data specialists help you to measure your data multichannel, store it correctly and combine it effectively. Based on actionable analyses, we can then work on constantly increasing your ROI.

What is Digital Analytics?

Structurally collecting and analysing the right information about the online behaviour of your target group on your platforms in order to indicate and demonstrably improve the effectiveness of your marketing channels: that is our definition of digital analytics. As soon as your revenue model is heavily dependent on online marketing, this is strategically indispensable. Especially in view of the GDPR legislation. The right data will bring you more and more success: you understand how to keep your customers and prospects interested and satisfied in their entire customer journey, and how to really optimise your campaigns.

Within many organisations, the result-oriented use of data insights is a major stumbling block. Is your marketing data coming in at all, is it being measured correctly, and can you then interpret it in an action-oriented way? Is your CRM system effectively integrated? Only if your digital analytics are well organised, will this valuable information about ‘real behaviour and needs of your target groups’ come together in a reliable and effective way that can be translated.

Specific data creates synergy in your marketing mix

What role does a platform or channel play in your marketing strategy? That determines what you need in terms of data analysis. For example, web shops are greatly helped with the implementation of Enhanced E-commerce via Google Tag Management. Extensive reports and in-depth data analyses give you perfect insight into the shopping behaviour of shop visitors. You can effectively translate this into your expressions via other online channels. In this and other ways, we can help your business – in any sector – structurally advance through smarter data use.

“How can Traffic Builders help me?”

The ultimate goal of our web analytics specialists is always to ensure that the customer journey of your target group runs smoothly, at every stage, via a specific channel and in a multi-channel experience. We help you determine the precise role that each channel plays in the marketing mix and advise you on how to achieve maximum synergy here.

The guiding principle is the REAN model, which we have developed internally. This proven successful marketing framework ensures that clear KPIs and relevant targets are measured correctly, and therefore also highlighted per phase in the customer journey of your target group(s). We offer a variety of DA services, from data strategy definition and data warehousing to executive implementation and data interpretation:

  • We provide the necessary reliable data foundation via Tag Management and the reliable design and implementation of your digital analytics on every essential component, for every channel and platform.
  • With Data Management, we combine all usable digital data from all your campaigns and channels. In multi-channel experience we have built up extensive expertise because we work a lot with Data Management Platforms (DMP), such as Google Data Studio, Google Analytics 360 Suite (paid variant) and Tableau.
  • The phase of web analytics reporting follows from the correct data collection, processing and possible editing. Our clear (interactive) Dashboards and Reports provide insight into how different channels interact and reinforce each other, both online and offline. We distil (channel-)specific opportunities and targeted action points.
  • Using Data Science (incl. predictive analytics), we can predict the future behaviour of your target group so that you can act on it in a targeted way per channel.
  • The overall solution is completed by the perfect integration with your CRM system, among other things. But also the correct GDPR implementation of websites to make sure they are GDPR-proof, to name but a hugely important one.

Your marketing activities will become more effective as soon as we can achieve far-reaching synergy between digital analytics. By linking different data platforms and data sources, you can now steer more effectively towards new or the most relevant KPIs. For example on ‘Customer Lifetime Value’, instead of just cost per conversion or margin per visitor. We also make the engagement of branding campaigns concrete for you, through objective and, in that phase of the customer journey, meaningful KPIs.

Broad expertise: everything you need

From day one, we do everything we can to make more and more use of relevant data to benefit you. Our team of experienced analytics specialists advises, supports and relieves you where necessary. We test, report and make adjustments. Clear agreements, a clear roadmap and constructive communication form the basis for a fruitful, cost-efficient collaboration. We can – in your interest – be sympathetically stubborn, work hard and have a no-nonsense attitude.
Our expertise and versatility become your strength:

  • Always data-driven advice towards clear goals
  • Up-to-date knowledge and application of the best technologies and tools
  • Extensive knowledge of econometric models and algorithm development
  • In-house software development team for custom data solutions
  • Multidisciplinary support, including Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Knowledge transfer via customised workshops
  • Pro-activity, including unsolicited tips & tricks

This is why you choose Traffic Builders

Do you also believe in the unlimited driving power of digital analytics? Does your organisation want to become wiser and more successful by bringing together and interpreting (big) data better and smarter? Our data experts really help your business, by focusing on the right areas for improvement in the (often complex) customer journey. In summary, with Traffic Builders, you can benefit from:

  • a data-driven strategy;
  • national and international experience;
  • synergy between all your marketing channels;
  • result-oriented innovation & creativity;
  • KPI-specific monitoring, for grip and translating learnings;
  • an always-on mentality.

Share your ambitions and discover the added value of Traffic Builders – also a leading web analytics agency. Based on reliable data and cleverly acquired new insights, we are happy to work with you on effective, successful digital channels. Just let us prove it. Please feel free to contact us, without any obligation.

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