As a marketer, you are focused on the impact of the media used and the ability to generate truly effective reach among your target group, right? Digital out of Home (DooH) makes optimum use of outdoor space in an increasing number of places. This innovative channel offers unique advantages in terms of spot-on target group targeting, cost savings, flexibility, topicality and attracting the attention of new target groups. Do you simply want to strengthen your online marketing activities with target-group-focused campaigns outside the home, and also be top-of-mind with your target group at strategic moments on the road? Then DooH is the perfect solution. Our specialists support you with proven effective strategies, purchasing, execution, campaign management and monitoring.

What is Digital out of Home?

Digital out of Home advertising (DooH) is the rapidly emerging innovation in outdoor advertising. Digital screens in various formats, often connected to the internet, replace traditional posters and billboards. In a simple and dynamic way, you can display your content in many places in the public space. Through programmatic (display) advertising you buy your visibility and reach flexibly, cost-efficiently and, if desired, very specifically – in terms of location, timeframe and frequency. Your target groups will see your message on a variety of screens in the public space. Relevance and the right moment: that is the great strength of DooH.

Biggest advantages of DooH advertising:

  • Purchase visibility quickly on specific days, half-days & times
  • Rotate multiple statements/messages
  • Displays based on (external) triggers and even passer-by data
  • Dynamic, animated image (video) is very effective
  • Purchasing can be done using the programmatic / auction system
  • ROI monitoring via KPIs throughout the funnel

Do you have to handle your (finite) media budgets smartly, is your brand or product helped with (hyper)local targeting and do you need ROI-driven synergy in your marketing mix? DooH is excellent to use in combination with other media such as online advertising campaigns, social content and radio commercials. Already available content is often quickly transferred to site-specific DooH screens: that network is growing in size. You can already find digital screens at most airports, motorways, stations, and in city centres, buses and even supermarkets. Major strategic advantage: with DooH you can dynamically adjust your campaigns at any time based on real-time analytics or triggers such as ‘the weather’, ‘the current railway timetable’, ‘changing waiting times’, and so on.

From Millennials to fillers: wide effective range

The range of DooH among young adults (Millennials), for example, is large because they are often outdoors and very mobile. But from a regional and local marketing point of view, DooH can be effectively used for many more target groups. Whoever you want to reach, in the city, in traffic jams or around shopping centres or recreational areas, and with whatever objective: our passionate DooH specialists will make your campaign a (data-driven) success together with you.

This is how Traffic Builders can effectively help you

Programmatic DooH offers plenty of opportunities for marketers who can and dare to think out-of-the-box, and for pioneers with strong ideas who can time campaign expressions at relevant moments. Our Display specialists will help you with every step of the way. Based on your clear objective, target group and budget indication, we define an effective strategy: “what, for whom, why, where, when”. In order to achieve results, we will continue to enter the ‘plan’ into the central purchasing system, upload the visuals (and other necessary media),implementation, campaign management and transparent monitoring. Powerful creation is also possible!

The focus is on cost-efficient customisation and ROI-driven reach. As an advertiser, unlike regular OoH, you are no longer dependent on a network, fixed blocks or periods and the corresponding purchase advantage. As you can decide for yourself where and when you purchase, you reach your target group with your message or proposition at relevant moments while you save on your media budget. We make sure that you can get the most out of DooH.

Digital out of Home via Traffic Builders guarantees:

  • Fast delivery at relevant (current) moments and messages with the highest impact through unique links with internal and external data & triggers;
  • Sharp purchasing from multiple publishers, arranged from a single central purchasing system and distributed throughout the Netherlands;
  • Full flexibility in terms of timetables and purchase period (‘from 30 minutes to one year’);
  • Transparent prices (auction model) & market-wide agreements;
  • Creation of communicatively strong creatives/visuals, in collaboration with our in-house Creative Development team & concept developers;
  • Up-to-date expertise through our membership with the IAB Task Force DooH core group.

The rock-solid foundation of your DooH advertising campaign is our proven effective REAN model. For each individual phase of the customer journey – from Reach to Nurture – we offer concrete, targeted solutions and relevant KPIs. We encourage synergy with your other marketing expressions where possible, and proactively. By the way, did you know that Google has researched several channels which showed that DooH is the best medium to support mobile search and/or activities on social media?

Tailor-made cooperation

Clear agreements, a clear roadmap, met deadlines and constructive communication form the basis for a successful collaboration. Whether you want to focus on performance with DooH, or whether you are pursuing branding objectives: delivering maximum results is our goal from day 1. Also unique: thanks to our active membership with the IAB Taskforce core group on DooH, you will benefit from the latest trends and developments within this innovative field of expertise. And by working on location on a regular basis, we can make faster progress together. The added value of Traffic Builders lies mainly in the many customisations that our data specialists offer you. With us, you will benefit from:

  • Effective deepening in your market, target group, offerings & USPs.
  • Realistic forecasts thanks to our experience with many types of campaigns.
  • Our focus on both branding and performance, with relevant KPI’s per customer travel phase.
  • Application of the best DooH tooling & features.
  • Our data-driven approach, in collaboration with our in-house Digital Analytics team.
  • Periodic monitoring and evaluation & application of learnings.
  • Pro-activity, creativity & result-oriented innovation.
  • Knowledge transfer via customised workshops.
  • Experience with national and international projects.
  • Strategies that are always tested against our proven effective REAN model.

Please contact our service experts

Digital out of Home advertising is here to stay. More and more advertisers are discovering this dynamic channel to reach their end consumers quickly and flexibly with relevant messages. Do you want to put your organisation or product in the spotlight effectively and distinctly, while strengthening your online marketing? Target in public space at exact locations, information related to passers-by, specific events, explicit times, changing weather conditions and find the real time synergy with your expressions via other channels: everything is possible. Our team of DooH-specialists is eager to achieve great results with you. Please feel free to contact us, without any obligation.

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