No organisation that uses digital marketing can ignore it: you have to comply with the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the new privacy law from 2018. Since then, more responsibility has been given to organisations that collect personal data digitally, and the privacy rights of consumers have been strengthened. Everyone who works with cookies, advertising, targeting and digital analytics must comply with this – precisely because it brings benefits to your organisation! The digital analytics specialists of Traffic Builders make your organisation GDPR-proof, so that you avoid fines and your online platforms perform better.

What does the GDPR law mean?

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in force in Europe since 25 May 2018 (in the Netherlands it is called the Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG). It is the successor to the Dutch “Meldplicht Datalekken” (mandatory notification for data breaches). Organisations must specifically explain why they collect personal data (digitally), what they use it for, and how long it will be stored. The Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, AP) provides controls in all sectors.

The advantages of the GDPR are clear:

  • consumers will have more control over their personal data as a result of a number of rights
  • it limits identity fraud (in web shops and other online platforms)
  • it improves consumers’ online user experience
  • it fosters a ‘relationship of trust’ between businesses and consumers

Digital marketing, including almost all sub-disciplines, is affected by the amended privacy law: from digital analytics and conversion optimisation to display advertising, social media, e-mail marketing, SEO and the use of Google Ads or Bing Ads. Although it has only been applied to a limited extent, the AP supervisory authority can impose substantial fines of up to €20,000,000 or 4% of global annual turnover in the event of gross negligence. There is no need to shake your head immediately, but do not stick your head in the sand either. Any organisation in which digital marketing is part of the marketing strategy via one or more channels would do well to quickly get its ‘GDPR issues’ in order.

Each organisation has its own GDPR needs

In which situations do you, as a digital marketer, really have to ensure that your (big) data are GDPR-proof? Which cookies can you place, which conditions should your tracking codes meet, how should you build your cookie bar, what do you do with opt-in nowadays, what should your privacy statement contain in what way?
What you need depends mainly on whether you work with data that can identify a person, or data that is pseudo-anonymous, allowing for ‘individualisation’. If you do not use any form of profiling (personalisation, remarketing, building interest profiles, etc.) and do not store any IP addresses, the impact of GDPR is less significant. Whatever situation your organisation is in: Traffic Builders can take your worries completely off your hands and support you very expertly. How? Keep reading.

This is how Traffic Builders can effectively help you

GDPR-proof data-oplossingen zijn gegarandeerd door de expertise van onze ervaren digital analytics-specialisten, die altijd werken vanuit heldere doelstellingen en een gedegen plan van aanpak. Traffic Builders ontzorgt jouw organisatie door de correcte implementatie van cookiebar-oplossingen, analytics en tag management. We voeren vooraf de vereiste ‘’GDPR-analyses’ uit, brengen benodigde acties in kaart, implementeren uitvoerend wat nodig is en blijven desgewenst de juiste zaken op jouw platform controleren en testen .

Variant Basis Uitgebreid Continue
Introductie GDPR/AVG
Plan van Aanpak/Stappenplan
Inventarisatie gebruikte tools
Inventarisatie cookies
Controle privacy/cookie statement
Opstellen nieuw privacy/cookie statement
Configuratie Google Analytics*
Configuratie Google Tag Manager*
Periodieke analyse & controle
Inventarisatie gebruikte tools
Inventarisatie cookies
Controle privacy/cookie statement
Bijwerken nieuw privacy/cookie statement
Configuratie Google Analytics*
Configuratie Google Tag Manager*
Investering € 600 Vanaf € 2000 Op aanvraag


Benefit directly from our thorough GDPR approach

We offer the following tailor-made services:

  • GDPR website quick scan

Traffic Builders analyses your website, forms and tools used, cookies, privacy statement and cookie statement. This results in a targeted step-by-step plan of actions to be taken to ensure that your website (and the collection and processing of personal data) complies with GDPR standards.

  • GDPR website implementation

We perform a more extensive, more detailed analysis of your website. Then we make sure of the correct setup of the cookie bar, Google Tag Management (GTM), Google Analytics and others required or used tools. Finally, the privacy and cookie statements are rewritten, as required, so that they are GDPR compliant.

  • Privacy monitoring (analysis & control)

Traffic Builders offers the possibility to monitor your website periodically and constantly. We continuously monitor the use of cookies, which automatically adjust the cookie statement. We also check website forms, the setup of analytics and the privacy and cookie statements. Required configuration of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager is also included.

Overview of GDPR services

Guarantees from proven GDPR and privacy expert

Traffic Builders has been closely involved in various activities in the field of data regulation and professionalisation. We made an important contribution to the digital analytics code of conduct of the Branch Association for Market Research and Advice (MOA) and the “ISO 19731 digital analytics and web analyses”. Both quality standards are, of course, fully compliant with the GDPR. In short: we know in detail what we are talking about. We will be happy to help you to get the right things in order in an up-to-date way.

Tailor-made cooperation

The added value of Traffic Builders lies in the many customisations that our data specialists can offer you. Everything is considered. With a no-nonsense mentality, we roll up our sleeves from day one. Transparent agreements, a clear roadmap, met deadlines and constructive communication form the basis for our fruitful, cost-efficient collaboration. To excel your online platform(s) is our ultimate goal, nothing less. At national or international level. And by working on location sometimes, we can make faster progress together.

As an experienced digital analytics agency, we can also relieve you of any worries:

Please contact our service experts

Do you understand that it is in the interest of your organisation for the online user experience of your target groups to be improved? Do you want to build a lasting relationship of trust with them, while preventing identity fraud and data leaks? Then act constructively in accordance with the GDPR legislation. The specialists at Traffic Builders ensure excellent implementation and correct compliance with the new GDPR guidelines, from correct cookie bar or privacy statement to tagging and monitoring. Contact Traffic Builders now, without any obligation.

We believe our team is unique

Get to know Felipe

Felipe has been working at Traffic Builders since January 2011 and holds the position of Digital Strategy Consultant. He also gives workshops and is a teacher and mentor/coach for the Online Marketeer B course at SRM Training. In his spare time he plays tennis and is associated with a musical theater group.

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