Digital marketing is a dynamic landscape full of possibilities. But how do you constantly make the right choice in terms of channels, budget distribution and objectives? How do you get a grip on your marketing activities? How do you ensure that all your communications and campaigns fit together flawlessly so that your integrated online strategy is like a house? Our expert strategists advise and help you with ambition to roll out your digital marketing strategy as optimally as possible.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

With a good digital marketing strategy, you ensure the right media mix and link online and offline channels. The strategy creates a goal-oriented balance between the most effective message from your organisation, the most relevant content for your target group and channels that effectively reach your target group. And all this tailored to the specific phase of the customer journey of your prospect or existing customer. We look at your current market position, current results, ambition, objectives and previous strategic decisions and choices. We then draw up a well thought-out plan to strengthen your market position. We do this on the basis of the REAN model, which has been further developed by us. This marketing model enables us to coordinate the use of marketing channels, propositions and platforms optimally and cost-efficiently.

Traffic Builders provides:

We will work for you in a committed and result-oriented manner. Our strategists can set up an online marketing strategy for every branch in your organisation, from the operational level to your corporate business strategy. We will ask you everything, but we will take care of you if we have to. We involve you in our process in a transparent way and together with you we look for quick wins, necessary inventiveness, useful innovation and – of course – a cost-efficient approach. By means of a strategy session, we will deepen our knowledge:

  • your current position in the market
  • objectives and ambitions
  • target group(s) and/or personas
  • promising themes and propositions
  • customer journey & ‘parentheses’
  • existing and needed creatives
  • relevant data
  • responsible budget distribution.

As soon as we have gathered sufficient knowledge, we draw up a pragmatic media plan for a quarter, six months or a year. Here, we divide the required effort and budget between different (prioritised) channels, always plotted on relevant touchpoints in one or more specific phases in the REAN model. For example, we may recommend display advertising in the Reach phase, social media marketing and content marketing in the Engage phase, a revised email strategy or paid retargeting for Activate SEA campaigns and for Nurture. How exactly this distribution is, differs per organisation and of course depends on your objectives.

Effective REAN model – in short

The necessary leitmotif in an integrated online strategy at Traffic Builders is the REAN model. This marketing model is based on four phases in the customer journey, with different KPIs for each phase.

  1. Reach: focus on reach, branding, brand awareness
  2. Engage: focus on brand experience and engagement with your target group
  3. Activate: focus on activation, conversion or customer purchase
  4. Nurture: is omitted in many marketing models, but this last step is very important. This is about loyalty of your existing customers, focus on cross- and upsell possibilities and thus new purchases.

Broad expertise: everything you need

From day one, we will do everything we can to optimise your marketing efforts. Clear agreements, a clear roadmap and constructive communication form the basis for a fruitful, cost-efficient collaboration. We work hard and have a no-nonsense attitude. Our successful REAN model and the full funnel approach that we can offer through our various teams of digital specialists ‘under one roof’ are perhaps the greatest advantage of working with Traffic Builders. Our experience and expertise are also expressed through:

  • Up-to-date knowledge of the best technologies and tools
  • Knowledge transfer via customised workshops
  • Result-oriented innovation & creativity
  • Pro-activity, including unsolicited tips & tricks

This is why you choose Traffic Builders

In your interest, we at Traffic Builders do not think in terms of fixed frameworks. With your goals as a guide, our digital strategists look at the bigger picture. To do this, we dive into the data and other relevant information available. This is how we arrive at a result-oriented digital marketing strategy that gives you a grip on your online or offline activities and budget. Your target groups, marketing messages and campaigns are effectively linked. In summary, with Traffic Builders, you can benefit from: a data-driven strategy; national and international experience; synergy between all your marketing channels; creative and innovative solutions; KPI-specific monitoring, for grip and translating learnings; an always-on mentality. Our ambitions are high. Yours, too? Let’s roll up our sleeves together and achieve great results based on a rock-solid digital marketing strategy. We’re ready. Please feel free to contact us, without any obligation

We believe our team is unique

Meet Dennis

Dennis works as a display campaign manager. Due to the significant growth in the display market, he is a valuable player within the display team. Dennis maintains an overview between various complex display campaigns and works as a point of contact for large key accounts and cross-discipline assignments.

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