For you as a marketer, it is also one of your biggest challenges: building and structurally strengthening the relationship with your target group in an original and effective way? Well thought-out content marketing will help you with this. Our current fragmented media landscape and the additional complex customer journeys require that you want to be sure which content will strike the right chord with your target group at any given moment. Only then will you work towards brand awareness, brand experience and tangible (commercial) results. Start building your brand today! Research shows that content marketing is one of the most cost-efficient channels to increase online and offline brand reach. Above all, you invest sustainably in brand experience and brand preference development. Based on a well thought-out content marketing plan, you will be able to facilitate relevant touchpoints in specific customer journeys, so that you do not (or no longer) need to follow a scattergun approach. As a brand, you distinguish yourself with content that really helps your target groups move forward and facilitates their decision moments, so that your goals are met – or possibly surpassed!

What is content marketing?

Content marketing has been around for decades, but attention to this discipline has grown enormously over the past 5 years. In short, content marketing means the following:

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach aimed at creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content. You do this to appeal to and retain a clearly defined target group, and ultimately to generate profitable customer interaction.”

Different brands and companies, from challengers and start-ups to the Amazons of this world, see the many (measurable) benefits of content marketing. Why? Since with demonstrably relevant content you really stimulate your target group, increase your authority in your sector and build up the often much-needed customer loyalty more quickly.

Combination of success factors

We like to emphasise it right away: successful content marketing needs more than just tailored content for the (latent) needs of your buyer personas. The perceived added value of content strongly depends on the moment at which your content can be consumed by your target group, the place where your content is published (distribution) and the format used. As a specialised content marketing agency, Traffic Builders can support you with every step of the way.

“How can Traffic Builders help me?”

Traffic Builders always tests content marketing activities against our proven effective REAN model. In this way, together with you, we create content that reaches your target groups better (Reach), enthuses faster (Engage), stimulates desired actions (Activate) and then strengthens loyalty (Nurture). In other words: grip on the entire funnel, and clear objectives and KPIs per phase.

The basis for achieving more ROI from your content marketing is a well-considered content strategy with an associated content marketing plan. In this plan, choices are made with regard to promising themes, target groups and primary buyer personas, the right content formats and types, distribution channels and all this is supplemented by a content calendar. Where necessary, concrete SEO data also feeds our advice.

From the point of view of the targeted content strategy, it is important to get to work with:

Traffic Builders can take care of and assist you in all these areas. Together we can sharpen your content marketing ideas and roll them out online (and offline!) in a strategic and phased manner. This includes:

  • Finding out in advance and defining who your target group really is and which personas belong to it.
  • Finding the right tone-of-voice to address your customer in a catchy way.
  • Very important: to provide insight into where in the funnel you have a content gap, and how you give the ‘Gap of Disappointment’ an explainable place in the process of real improvements and more engagement and conversions.

Broad expertise: everything you need

With your content objectives as a starting point, we can assist you in different ways at every stage of the customer journey. From idea generation and knowledge transfer to actively rolling up the sleeves! We are happy to help you with:

  • Strategic sparring sessions or workshops
  • Drawing up a targeted content marketing plan
  • Drawing up an effective social media plan
  • Performing activities, such as content creation (various formats, also interactive) and copywriting (including SEO).
  • Creative concepting (as the common thread of your content marketing campaign)

We also have the expertise to guide you in a result-oriented way with adjacent facets, such as:

In this way we guarantee the quality of a custom content marketing strategy that no one in your target group can ignore anymore.

This is why you choose Traffic Builders

From day 1 of our collaboration, we are 100% committed to making your content marketing strategy a success. You will soon discover that, as an experienced content marketing agency, we have a grip on the efforts and results, that we constantly think along with you and that we can even surprise you with new ideas and angles at unexpected moments. In summary, with Traffic Builders, you can benefit from:

  • Structure in strategy based on the proven effective REAN model;
  • The fact that we are able to address and reach target groups with your right tone of voice, where necessary on the basis of actionable personas created;
  • Synergy between different channels used;
  • Integration of up-to-date SEO copywriting techniques;
  • KPI-specific monitoring, for grip and translating learnings;

Together with effective content marketing, let’s strengthen and expand your brand! We are certainly ready. Please feel free to contact us, without any obligation

We believe our team is unique

Meet Niels

Niels is an enthusiastic Content Marketing Strategist, and has previously racked up many miles at Traffic Builders as an SEO Consultant and Copywriter. Facilitating the right target groups in ‘their ideal customer journey through the funnel’ with valuable content solutions is central to him. This is possible via an ROI-driven multi-channel content strategy including creative concepting, but just as well via a subtle pinprick at the right time. Challenge him and he will do it to you!

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