Do you want to optimise your lead generation and conversion volumes effectively and cost-efficiently? Advertising in search engines (SEA) like Google is an absolute success factor in their marketing mix for many brands (B2B and B2C), provided the campaigns are set up and adjusted in a focused and innovative way. Reach your prospects with your most relevant proposition in the crucial Activate phase, but also elsewhere in the customer journey, at the perfect moment. Our Search engine advertising specialists work with you from a solid data-driven strategy to continuously lower CPAs and a higher ROAS. Measurable results and a grip on ROI are the leitmotiv in our proven effective working method.

What is Search Engine Advertising?

Reaching your target group with a relevant offer: that is search engine advertising (SEA) at its core. Through this channel (paid search), you directly and effectively increase the visibility and findability of your brand and products, for people who are (or seem to be) interested in them on the basis of their concrete keywords. Online advertising is promising and profitable throughout the entire customer journey, but especially in the Engage, Activate and Nurture phases.

Especially in competitive industries, advertising in Google, or other search engines such as Bing, Baidu and Yandex, is an indispensable digital marketing discipline. But this channel is actually promising for every business sector: from specific ecommerce to lead generation and direct sales conversions in the broad sense. Almost every target group orients and searches specifically via search, online is demonstrably the common thread in the buying process. Targeting specific and relevant prospects in a cost-efficient way, that is the great added value of SEA. The innovations and best practices have followed each other in rapid succession for many years. Does your organisation want to benefit fully from this?

Data-driven control for more and more ROI

Anyone who is at the forefront of knowledge of and targeted experience with SEA can achieve very appealing results in terms of ROI. The optimisation possibilities through automation tools and features that help you to test for results are widely available. Managing for effective KPIs and actionable data is perfectly possible. We are ready to help you achieve your goals faster through search engine advertising, and – we dare to say as an expert – to regularly exceed your expectations.

“How can Traffic Builders help me?”

As already mentioned, SEA is extremely dynamic in terms of developments. We are convinced that there is often much more to be gained from campaigns than we currently see in the market. On a national or international level, we take up our SEA activities proactively and with a proven result-oriented approach from day 1 onwards. We activate and optimise well thought-out SEA campaigns in the regular Search and Display network: from Google Ads or Google Shopping and feed-based advertising to specific advertising options via retargeting and Gmail Sponsored Promotions. We succeed in setting up an ROI-driven search engine advertising strategy in every customer journey. A quick sales boost or rather a little more spread out? Everything is possible. Our proven effective REAN model is always the foundation. Your objectives and the phase of a customer journey on which your target is set determine which KPIs we report on and which we regularly make adjustments to. Clear agreements, a clear roadmap and constructive communication form the basis for our successful, cost-efficient collaboration. Grip on results through custom reports for all stakeholders involved are self-evident. We can regularly work on location so that together we can make progress sooner.

Broad expertise: everything you need

Do you want to get the most out of your available SEA budget and be visible at all relevant moments in the customer journey, in a cost-efficient way? From prioritising the right propositions and keywords, strong copy and effective target group segmentation to that comprehensive result-driven SEA strategy: we advise you competently and are happy to roll up our sleeves operationally. Meanwhile, the process is managed in a targeted manner: your KPIs and deadlines are always very much on our radar. With Traffic Builders, you can benefit from:

  • Up-to-date knowledge of the best technologies & tools
  • Clear plan of action, including roles and tuning moments
  • Leverage all the capabilities of the Search and Display network
  • Effective target group targeting through far-reaching segmentation
  • Campaign optimisation via smart automation options
  • Actionable analysis of historical data from previous campaigns
  • Additional analyses on e.g. attribution
  • Taking part in innovative beta projects via Google
  • Measurable results & transparent monitoring
  • Knowledge transfer via customised workshops
  • Pro-activity, including unsolicited tips & tricks

Always on top of improvements

Our team of SEA consultants sharpen their skills on a daily basis, in your interest. We have extensive knowledge of tools such as Channable, Search Ads 360 and Google Ads bidding strategies. Internally, other disciplines are joined where that serves the result. Our partnership with the international network DALL int. guarantees expertise and result-oriented support across borders. In addition, we would like to draw your attention to the opportunities that accumulated data offers for more ROI via other channels in your digital marketing strategy. You will find out during periodic evaluations.

This is why you choose Traffic Builders

As an agency, our mission is clear: to make search engine advertising a significantly high-performing channel in your marketing mix. Join our hands-on mentality and drive to do better and better! You will soon realise that, as an experienced digital marketing agency, we have a grip on the efforts and results, that we constantly think along with you and that we can also provide you with new ideas and angles at unexpected moments. In summary, with Traffic Builders, you can benefit from:

  • a thoughtful SEA approach;
  • a data-driven strategy (incl. reliable ROI forecasts);
  • national and international experience;
  • result-oriented innovation & creativity;
  • synergy with (your) other online marketing channels;
  • KPI-specific monitoring, for grip and translating learnings;
  • all the benefits of our multidisciplinary team;
  • knowledge transfer and coaching;
  • an always-on mentality.

Do you understand that targeted purchasing of reach and visibility through online advertising can be of great benefit to your organisation? Do you want to stimulate the right target groups with strong propositions at the perfect moment and thus stimulate online action, from engagement and lead generation to sales conversion? Do you want lower CPAs and higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)? Our SEA specialists are ready to help you get the most out of your digital closet. Please feel free to contact us and discover our result-oriented way of working.

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