Do you want to improve the findability of your keywords (Engage) in the organic search results? Do you want to be easier to find when your target group uses a search engine (Activate)? As an SEO agency, Traffic Builders helps you achieve maximum visibility in search engines. With well-thought-out, future-proof SEO strategies, we ensure optimal online visibility for your organization. Over 16 years ago we started as a search engine optimization agency. And we still have that passion and unaltered growth of knowledge.

SEO is a process, not a project

At Traffic Builders we believe that SEO is a process and not a project. A technical SEO-unfriendly CMS or e-commerce platform is a showstopper, but a technical SEO-friendly CMS or e-commerce platform is not a showmaker yet. Only then does the foundation for truly successful search engine optimization begin. That is why SEO agency Traffic Builders is happy to work with you to create the basis for this process. Knowledge sharing, knowledge assurance and the optimal use of you and our expertise are therefore central to our cooperation.

SEO services

What services can our SEO specialists help you with? Examples include the development and execution of result-oriented SEO copywriting, the technical side of SEO and authority building. Or smart ways to seamlessly integrate existing business processes and search engine optimization, for example through the use of PR and social media. With the help of our specially developed SEO tools, we are extra efficient! And because your findability is not limited to the website, we as an SEO agency like to use our expertise for App store optimization so that your apps are also optimally findable on Apple and Android devices.

We love a challenge!

Do you have challenging ambitions in the field of SEO? And are you looking for digital marketing specialists that can really help you? Then challenge us. Share your ambitions and discover the added value of Traffic Builders and our way of working. We guarantee you a sympathetic, headstrong approach, a transparent way of working and maximum result

Pushing Marketing Boundaries

We push the boundaries of digital marketing with innovative solutions. In doing so, we challenge ourselves but also our clients. With success: in 2020 we won 3 Global Search Awards and an IAB Programmatic Award.
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We believe our team is unique

Meet Robert

search•ma•chi•ne op•ti•ma•li•sa•tie/ SEO : o – the entire range of activities and activities that Robbert has cleverly applied for the past 10 years in order to achieve a high standard for various (sometimes also listed) clients in various industries. position in the regular search results of search engines. His ranking statistics and achieved conversion rates speak for themselves!

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