Do you see that your target group regularly spends time on social media, but do not know where and how to effectively reach and trigger these people? With well-thought-out social media marketing you can communicate in a relevant way with your target group (b2c and b2b) and thus achieve your marketing objectives. Traffic Builders’ experienced social media consultants are ready to help you optimize the ROI from your social media efforts, based on a clear strategy with distinctive organic content and advertisements.

What is social media marketing?

By social media marketing, we mean all online marketing activities related to social media channels. Popular channels include Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter and YouTube. The power of social media marketing lies in the many specific targeting options. This allows you to find a meaningful dialogue and valuable interaction with your target groups, allowing you to get to know them even better. In addition, through social media you constructively support your content marketing and conversion campaigns.

The social media landscape has been developing rapidly in recent years. Platforms regularly launch new features, sometimes very promising for specific industries such as e-commerce. This goes hand in hand with the ongoing development of, for example, live video, augmented reality and influencer marketing. It is clear that the gap between data, technology and marketing is getting smaller and smaller. Creativity, not surprisingly, is becoming increasingly important.

Thorough developments

For those who are not on top of the ongoing developments, the strategic use of social media can be a major challenge. Traffic Builders has the current knowledge and practical experience ready to assist you in a professional way and to relieve you where necessary, at national and international level. We would like to tell you more about our effective approach.

“How can Traffic Builders help me?“

Result-oriented and pro-active, we will work for you. We start with the appropriate deepening of your market and target groups. Your objectives are guiding: we think along with you in order to first define them as realistically and as feasible as possible, including the KPIs that must be periodically monitored.

Setting up an ROI-driven social media marketing strategy is something we can do for any objective. Our proven effective REAN model is always the foundation. For each individual phase of the customer journey, we therefore offer targeted solutions via the channels where your target group can really be reached. Clear agreements, a clear roadmap and constructive communication form the basis for a successful, cost-efficient collaboration.

Social media advertising

Do you want to achieve performance and/or branding goals? And would you like to target specific target groups and segments? Then social media advertising offers plenty of opportunities. We have a lot of experience with paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat. Promotes actions, products and specific web pages. Set up remarketing campaigns to trigger people who regularly visit your (prioritized) pages, but have left them without conversion.

Social media content marketing

Do you mainly want to reach new target groups? And do you want to offer them frequent added value, with increasing engagement and loyalty as results? Then social media content marketing is very suitable. Build your brand with relevant communication, and in this way strengthen the relationship with prospects and existing customers in a sustainable way. Use content formats that demonstrably appeal to your target group, and regularly surprise them like your competitors do not.

Social media plan in which everything comes together

Depending on your objective(s), target group(s) and the current status and performance of your social channels, we will – if necessary in consultation – draw up the best possible strategy for social advertising or social media content marketing. Or a cost-efficient combination of both. In a social media plan we lay down the implementation step by step. We can take care of all or part of this, or be fully at your side if you wish. By working on location on a regular basis, we can make faster progress together.

Broad expertise: everything you need

From idea generation to complete social media marketing strategy and operationally roll up your sleeves while the process is effectively managed: with your goals and deadlines in mind, we support you in every phase of the customer journey. You can come to us for:

  • Actionable analysis of historical data from your social media accounts
  • Channel-specific strategies, including persona definition
  • Draw up a clear social media plan for effective implementation
  • Up-to-date knowledge of the best technologies and tools
  • Result-oriented innovation & creativity
  • Knowledge transfer via customized workshops
  • Pro-activity, including unsolicited tips & tricks

This is why you choose Traffic Builders

From day 1 of our collaboration, we are 100% committed to getting the most out of your social media marketing, in a transparent and cost-efficient way. You will soon discover that, as an experienced digital marketing agency, we have a grip on the efforts and results, that we constantly think along with you and that we can also provide you with new ideas and angles at unexpected moments. In summary, with Traffic Builders, you can benefit from:

  • a thoughtful social media approach;
  • a data-driven strategy;
  • national and international experience;
  • creative and innovative campaigns;
  • synergy with other online marketing channels;
  • KPI-specific monitoring, for grip and translating learnings;
  • an always-on mentality.

Are you ready to use social media really effectively? We are here for you. Please feel free to contact us and discover our result-oriented way of working.

Pushing Marketing Boundaries with your social media plan

So, what do you think? Ready to roll up your sleeves and convince your target audience with a groundbreaking social media plan? Contact us!

We believe our team is unique

Get to know Meryl

Meryl works as Product Manager Social at Traffic Builders. The creative aspect of influencer marketing is particularly appealing to her. In addition, she is a real social media addict and you can always contact her for all your Instagram and Facebook questions. In her spare time, Meryl especially enjoys traveling and updating her personal blog. But also an evening on the couch with Netflix should not be missing from this list.

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