Within ‘Reach’, reaching your target group aimed at increasing brand awareness and brand consideration is central. The aim is to turn an unknown brand into a well-known brand, or from a (slightly) known brand into an even more famous brand.

Characteristic of the marketing channels that are used in this phase and role is that they are ‘push’ channels – or as we call it: interruption channels. These are channels with a large potential reach and relatively richer, impactful advertisements in view of ad size, image and/or sound and possibilities for interaction. Branding campaigns are a common example of campaigns with a Reach role.


‘Engage’ revolves around inspiring and informing your target group and is aimed at propagating brand values ​​and increasing the brand experience. In this phase it is not so much about increasing brand awareness, but much more about ‘loading’ your brand. Where the goal in the Reach phase is to turn an (un)known into a (more) known brand, the goal in the Engage phase is to let your target group experience what your brand stands for.

Marketing channels with an Engage role usually have a more specific target group targeting than Reach channels. But here too, it is mainly the richer advertisements that are used, because this simply means that you are better able to create the brand experience that you are striving for.


Within ‘Activate’, activating or stimulating your target group to complete the desired target action is central. For example, the purchase of a product or service. In an e-commerce context, the goal is simply to turn ‘non-buyers’ into buyers. If we draw the parallel to business-to-business or lead generation in general, the goal is to turn interested website visitors (prospects) into leads, for example by encouraging them to request a quote.

Channels deployed in the Activate phase have an even more specific targeting than channels deployed with a Reach or Engage role. You often know the people in the target group that you reach with Activate channels better, for example because you know based on search or surfing behavior that there is interest in your products or services. Or because you can combine certain socio-demographic characteristics of the target group with contextual signals that you use for your targeting strategy.


Nurture is perhaps the most underexposed role in the marketing domain. Nurture freely translated means ‘bringing up’ and is about nurturing and improving existing relationships. This can be aimed at existing customers or ambassadors, but also at leads.

The objectives of campaigns aimed at existing customers are often based on improving customer loyalty and customer value (Customer Lifetime Value) through cross- and upsells. Increasing the retention or lowering the churn rate of customers is also a common objective. From a service marketing point of view, improving customer satisfaction is the most important goal and Nurture campaigns are aimed at improving the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

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Wolter Tjeenk Willink is founder of Traffic Builders. He is also co-founder of our ‘sister’ Traffic Builders People, a specialist in recruitment & selection, interim mediation and secondment within the digital field. With almost 20 years of experience in various digital marketing expertise areas, he is one of the leading digital marketing experts in the Netherlands and founder of the REAN model and framework. In addition, he is former chairman of the IAB Taskforce Search, board member of the professional group Digital Analytics of the MOA and member of the Advisory Board of first division club Almere City FC.

As an inspirer, sparring partner and strategist, Wolter is still involved in the digital marketing strategy for many of our clients.

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