Technical changes, new channels and additional forms of online advertising and display formats result in large amounts of relevant data. In order to better manage and use it, Google has introduced the Google Marketing Platform. This is a platform that gives you the opportunity to get more insights from data. So you can optimise your marketing campaigns even better.

What is the Google Marketing Platform?

Google Marketing Platform is an integration of the Google Analytics 360 Suite and DoubleClick products. The integration has created a single integrated tool for purchasing, planning, measuring, testing and optimising online marketing activities. It is therefore an advertising and analysis platform in one. It offers the possibility to better analyse the customer journey, which is becoming increasingly complex with the many touchpoints and devices, and to better attribute attribution to the channels. This improves coordination between digital channels and offline and increases the efficiency of digital marketing. The platform helps you to reach the right customers, at the right time and with the right message.

The parts

The Google Marketing Platform is a combination of tagging (Google Tag Manager), analysis (Google Analytics), testing (Optimize), advertising and media purchasing (Search Ads 360, Display & Video 360) and data visualisation (Data Studio) in one platform.

Why Google Marketing Platform?

  • Faster and more effective marketing activities: machine tooling automates processes and automatically sees advertising trends and patterns;
  • More grip on investments: target group gets relevant advertisements, you have direct insight into which marketing activities do/do not work;
  • Cross-channel attribution: integration means less data loss and fewer deviations between products. In addition, it is possible to apply conversion attribution across all channels, creating a more complete picture of the role of each channel in the buying phase of the visitor, so that budgets can be allocated even better;
  • Consumer privacy: this is safeguarded and consumers retain control over their data;
  • Complete picture of the target group: through the integration of products you get a complete picture of the customer and the customer journey so that you can recognise the most valuable target groups. In addition, managing your target groups in one platform allows you to show your visitors the same expression across different channels;
  • Share insights with teams in the organisation: data and reports are in one place. Through:
    • everyone gets a good picture of the target group, media and results;
    • insights are more easily shared;
    • it is easier to optimise marketing activities;
    • one central login for all products
  • Within the Google Marketing Platform you can easily switch between the different products: managing and measuring campaigns across multiple channels becomes a lot easier;
  • Easy integration of products in the Integration Center: integration between the different products is done in the Integration Center, which makes it easier to link products and gives you a clear overview in one central place.
  • You decide for yourself which products you want to buy: the strength lies in the synergy between the products.

Traffic Builders as official reseller

Why should you buy Google Marketing Platform products from Traffic Builders? As well as a handy tool(s), you will get:

  • Implementation advice: Traffic Builders plays an advisory and coordinating role in the technical implementation of components. In this way, data availability and quality are guaranteed and translated into action-oriented insights;
  • Tailor-made training and support: we provide in-company training and dedicated support for user and implementation issues;
  • Custom development: development of customer dashboards, platform integration of components with third-party software, such as a CRM, CMS, Business Intelligence or other back office system and development of extensions on Google Analytics and Google Big Query.

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