Are you looking for a tool that can easily transfer all your products to comparison? Do you have a large range, but you still want to set up your campaigns specifically? Channable is an excellent management tool for advertising via feed management.


This allows you to transfer your products to more than 1000 comparison sites, affiliate networks and marketplaces. This tool makes campaign management easier, offers extensive options and features to deal effectively with variable stock and varying prices.

Our experience with Channable goes beyond web shops. Channable and feed-based advertising is also interesting when, for example, you are offering travel or vacancies. Do you have:

  • a large range?
  • a (product) feed?
  • a variable range?
  • frequent changes in stock status?
  • frequent price changes?

Then Channable ensures extremely efficient campaign management. You will save more time by automatically generating and modifying ads. You no longer advertise products that are out of stock and in no time you have the largest digital window filled with specific items making it extra valuable for visitors. This way you can cover all relevant long-tail keywords in one go!

Discover the possibilities of Channable via Traffic Builders

Traffic Builders has been declared a Channable Gold Partner 2019. Our SEA experts like to work with Channable for our clients. Do you want to be in control, but still benefit from the service and expertise of Traffic Builders? Then let’s discuss the possibilities of Channable via Traffic Builders!


We love a challenge!

Do you have challenging ambitions in the field of Channable? And are you looking for digital marketing specialists who can really help you on your way, look no further. There’s nothing we love more than a challenge. Share your ambitions with us and discover the added value of Traffic Builders. We guarantee a highly personal, sympathetic approach, a transparent way of working, and maximum results.


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Our love for challengers

We love a challenge

At Traffic Builders, we all have a deep-rooted passion for digital marketing. We are critical and stubborn in a sympathetic way, which means that we continuously challenge each other and our clients for an even better result. Do you want to know with which clients we have taken on a digital marketing challenge?

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