Would you like better insight into the performance of all your marketing channels? Or would you like to enrich Analytics data with data from your CRM system or cost data? Then using a data warehouse system is the ideal solution!

Datahive 360 data warehouse system

Datahive 360 is a data warehouse system developed by Traffic Builders. It allows you to combine, process and load data from different data sources into numerous applications. From creating clear reports and dashboards in your favourite data visualization tool, to unifying data for use in a Data Management Platform (DMP): Datahive 360 helps you turn your data into valuable insights and actions.

Hoe werkt Datahive 360?

Datahive 360 is het beste te omschrijven als een platform waarop via API connectoren oneindig veel  databronnen kunnen worden aangesloten. Van Google Analytics tot Facebook en van mediauitzendschema’s tot je eigen CRM-data. Uniek is dat de data automatisch wordt verwerkt tot ‘multi-source’ tabellen, waardoor de data in één uniform format ongeacht de databron wordt opgeslagen. Door deze wijze van dataverwerking is de datakwaliteit en data-integriteit gegarandeerd en zijn rapportages en dashboards altijd gebaseerd op één en dezelfde dataset. Een beknopte omschrijving van hoe Datahive 360 werkt:

Datahive 360 can best be described as a platform to which an infinite number of data sources can be connected via API connectors. From Google Analytics to Facebook and from media broadcast schedules to your own CRM data. Uniquely, the data is automatically processed into multi-source tables, allowing the data to be stored in one uniform format regardless of the data source. This method of data processing guarantees data quality and data integrity and reports and dashboards are always based on one and the same dataset. A brief description of how Datahive 360 works:

  • All data sources or marketing channels are accessed via automatic data links or data imports in Datahive 360. It is also possible to upload datasets manually.
  • Based on a multisource query, different data sources are linked together in a data model. The corresponding dimensions or variables in each dataset are considered. This allows you to bring together metrics from different data sources.
  • The data models are translated into API requests for the relevant data source. The data it collects will be stored in Google BigQuery, or in any other database environment in the cloud or in your organisation’s own managed environment.
  • The data stored in the data warehouse can then be used for data visualisation in, for example, Tableau, Qlikview, PowerBI or DataStudio.It is also possible to transfer the data to a Data Management Platform (DMP) or to use it for other purposes.

Which sources can be linked?

Data sources that can be linked in Datahive360 are, for example:

  • Google Analytics (default)
  • Google Search Console (for SEO and website performance data)
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Microsoft Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Google Display Netwerk
  • Display & Video 360 (previously: ‘DoubleClick’)
  • CRM systems Media broadcast schedules of, for example, radio and TV commercials
  • Randomly any other data source

Advantages of Datahive 360

  • Datahive360 makes it possible to enrich data in Google Analytics in a fast, automatic way. As an online marketer or e-commerce manager, you will gain much more insight into your data and you will be more likely to identify opportunities to further optimise your marketing efforts:
  • Automatically combine data from different data sources into one uniform data source and get a grip on the effectiveness of marketing channels by using your own metrics and insightful, integrated reports and dashboards.;
  • Enrich data in Google Analytics (or any other analytics platform) with data from all online and offline marketing channels, advertising platforms, CRM systems or other data sources.;
  • Link (public) data sources such as weather data, public transport departure times, flight times, media campaigns of your own organisation or competitors, data from your telephone exchange or any other data source and discover correlations with the performance of your website, marketing channels or sales.;
  • Automatically import cost data and, for example, cancellations or changes to e-commerce transactions into Google Analytics. Use the data to go from analysis to prediction of outcomes or even prescribing actions to be taken with the help of machine learning and AI.

Dashboards & reports

Traffic Builders has developed standard dashboards and reports for various advertising platforms. This is based on Datahive 360 as a data warehouse and Google DataStudio as a data visualisation tool. These dashboards can be used immediately or adapted to your specific organisation wishes. This way, you always have all relevant information at your disposal for yourself and other stakeholders. Per advertising platform, or across channels in a clear ‘multi-channel’ management report.

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