With the help of Hotjar you really get to know your website user. With heatmaps, visitor recordings and user research possibilities, bottlenecks on the website and opportunities for improvement can easily be made clear. 


Heatmaps met Hotjar

understand what visitors do on your site. Where do they click? Where is the most mouse movement? How far do they scroll down? What about the desktop, tablet and mobile version of my website? With the help of heatmaps you will find out.

Visitorrecordings met Hotjar

Visitor recordings:
see what your visitors see through recordings. With recordings you can see exactly how visitors move about your website. With this visual behavioural data you can easily recognise issues and opportunities and respond quickly to them.

Userresearch met Hotjar

User research:
find out what motivates visitors and what prevents them from taking certain actions. By asking targeted questions to visitors at the right time, you can gather a lot of in-depth insights. User research can be carried out within Hotjar in various ways, including using polls, surveys and feedback items.

Discover the possibilities of Hotjar via Traffic Builders

Waarom zou je Hotjar juist bij Traffic Builders aanschaffen? Naast deze handige tool krijg je:

Why should you buy Hotjar from Traffic Builders? As well as a handy tool, you will get:

  • Implementation assistance: Traffic Builders plays an advisory and coordinating role in the technical implementation of Hotjar. The heatmaps are set up after implementation and user research is set up (if applicable).
  • Custom account design: every website and target group is different. That is why when buying a Hotjar account via Traffic Builders, a strategy is always applied based on the website performance, goals and target group. Where do we focus and where are the potential opportunities? Our specialists ensure that the account seamlessly connects to your website and target group.
  • From data to insight: our specialists analyse the data and come up with specific advice and action points. This advice and action points are provided with visual support and this is immediately converted into action.

We love a challenge!

Do you have challenging ambitions in the field of Hotjar? And are you looking for digital marketing specialists who can really help you on your way, look no further. There’s nothing we love more than a challenge. Share your ambitions with us and discover the added value of Traffic Builders. We guarantee a highly personal, sympathetic approach, a transparent way of working, and maximum results.


We believe our team is unique

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As Product Manager Customer Experience Optimization (CXO) at Traffic Builders I am responsible for innovation, process improvement and knowledge sharing to put CXO on the map. I also help clients in various industries to get the most out of their website or app. I get the necessary relaxation from watching series. With How I Met Your Mother and Game Of Thrones as big favorites.

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Our love for challengers

We love a challenge

At Traffic Builders, we all have a deep-rooted passion for digital marketing. We are critical and stubborn in a sympathetic way, which means that we continuously challenge each other and our clients for an even better result. Do you want to know with which clients we have taken on a digital marketing challenge?

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