Do you want an A/B testing tool that you can use without being dependent on IT? Are you looking for a tool that is at the forefront of features and possibilities? Optimizely is one of the most widely used A/B testing tools in the Netherlands.


After tagging your website once, you can get started right away, without any further intervention from IT. With the integrated editor you can create different test variations yourself and launch them immediately. This makes conversion rate optimisation very easy!

Optimizely allows you to test not only A/B but also multi-variation and create different visitor segments that are being tested. Of course you can also test on a mobile phone. Optimizely has a simplified URL pattern and supports A/B testing for iOS applications. Unlike Google Optimize 360, Optimizely does look at the number of visitors who participate in the test.

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OOur Conversion Rate Optimisation experts are happy to work with Optimizely for our clients. Do you want to be in control, but still benefit from the service and expertise of Traffic Builders? Then let’s discuss the possibilities of Optimizely via Traffic Builders!


We love a challenge!

Do you have challenging ambitions in the field of Optimizely? And are you looking for digital marketing specialists who can really help you on your way, look no further. There’s nothing we love more than a challenge. Share your ambitions with us and discover the added value of Traffic Builders. We guarantee a highly personal, sympathetic approach, a transparent way of working, and maximum results.

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Our love for challengers

We love a challenge

At Traffic Builders, we all have a deep-rooted passion for digital marketing. We are critical and stubborn in a sympathetic way, which means that we continuously challenge each other and our clients for an even better result. Do you want to know with which clients we have taken on a digital marketing challenge?

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